Klotz CLAES44T CATLink Audio Stagebox


CATLink TRUSS 4-channel audio stagebox
4x XLR 3p F||M – etherCON F||F

CATLink 4-channel Mic / Line / AES stagebox | transmission of 4 audio signals analog (Line, Mic, 48V) | transmission of 4 AES/EBU audio signals digital (4x stereo / 8x audio) | transmission of four digital control signals (DMX, MIDI) | pairs of parallel connected XLR 3p. F/M can be used as send or return | simple cascading through 2x etherCON socket (in/thru) | light, sturdy metal housing with matt black powder coating | slip-proof rubber feet, M-10 screw thread and 4x holes for safety lanyards | for network cables with complete shielding (e.g. our RC5EE)


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